Bridgetown, Barbados – Day 6

Click for Album I was excited to get off the ship and started across the island. I wanted to visit Crane Beach, which was reputed to have some gentle surf and an awesome restaurant. Sadly, we found that it would cost $40 each way to ride the taxi, which was more than I was comfortable […]

Charlotte-Amalie, St. Thomas – Day 2

Click for Album We truly love Royal Caribbean, so don’t take this the wrong way, but one of their shortcomings is that they provide so little information about the ports they visit. Their focus is entirely on selling their excursions and encouraging customers to shop at their associated stores. So caveat emptor. It is up […]

Locked and Loaded

I think the point in our preparations I have enjoyed the most is picking out what to take with us. Once the selections have been narrowed down a strategy must be developed for actually packing them. That is where the bundle wrapping method I read about at has really come in handy. Joy usually […]

Bridgetown, Barbados

2 Days to Embarkation In the spirit of the picture of the two schoolgirls, I am looking forward to going to Barbados with my best friend (who also happens to be my wife).  Tomorrow, we’ll be flying down to Puerto Rico.  The excitement is a delicious ache. Barbados.  Longboard surfing at Freights, Surfers Pont, and […]

Castries, St. Lucia

3 Days to Embarkation Joy and I had some discussion about the pronunciation of Lucia.   Click here to hear how Webster’s says it should sound.  How could both Joy and Websters be wrong? I don’t know whether we’ll have a chance to see the

St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda

4 Days to Embarkation ‘Antiqua and Barbuda’ means ‘Ancient and Bearded’ in Spanish, but I have no idea as to the thinking behind this two island nation’s appellation.  Galley Bay is close to St. John’s (where our ship will dock) and supposed to offer surfing.  Dickenson Bay and Runaway Bay are also close to St. […]

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

Lights on the bay, originally uploaded by serdir (at home). 8 Days to Embarkation Someone else took this picture of Charlotte Amelie, St. Thomas. This will be one of our ports of call.  That may even be our ship in the foreground.  Although it is the capital of the US Virgin Islands, its population is […]

Old San Juan – Puerto Rico

9 Days to Embarkation We’ll be leaving out of Puerto Rico.  The night before embarking we will be at the Hotel Milano in Old San Juan.  Hopefully, we can find an outdoor cafe to enjoy a drink and relax before the day of our cruise.  Frommer’s recommends La Bombonera.  I checked it out their reviews […]

Where to, Mister?

12 Days to Embarkation So many places so little time. Part of the fun of a trip is to learn what we can about each port and then prioritize the activities in which we wish to engage. It used to be that one spent hours pouring over guide books and maps. My parents and my […]

Can I Go 2

16 Days to Embarkation I have a list fetish.  I make lists and tables with regard to almost every aspect of life.  But a list for outfitting a trip is certainly one of the most enjoyable to develop.  I looked here and I looked there for inspiration.  Indeed there were so many places that offered […]