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Something New, Someplace Old

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Father's Day 2010

Click for Album I was blessed to have the opportunity to see my Dad on Father’s Day. I tried to make him waffles but they stuck to the waffle iron in a heretofore unprecedented manner. Ugly, but still tasty. It was great to have the chance to go to the Strip in Pittsburgh with my […]

Truly Grateful

Thanksgiving was, as usual, a time of overeating.  It started on Thursday.  Not the offical family celebration day, but we had to eat, right?  Joy prepared a turducken (turkey-duck-chicken).  We loved it, but next year maybe we’ll skip the duck part.  Definitely, a yummy meal.  Friday we left the Morgantown crowd and headed north to […]

Home Again – and again and again

Retirement may be a decade out, but I’ve been planning for it since I was in college.  Lately, our discussions had been rotating between a summer home in Pittsburgh and a primary residence in southern California, North Carolina, Virginia, or (a remote possibility) Florida.  But as long as our family is centered on the east […]