Packing Post-Mortem

Perhaps you recall that we had decided to pare down our packing list for this cruise. The eight day cruise was our longest yet, plus we arrived in San Juan a day early. We took half our regular luggage. This allowed us to carry on everything outbound.  (Coming back we did check our bags.) I […]

Locked and Loaded

I think the point in our preparations I have enjoyed the most is picking out what to take with us. Once the selections have been narrowed down a strategy must be developed for actually packing them. That is where the bundle wrapping method I read about at has really come in handy. Joy usually […]

Can I Go 2

16 Days to Embarkation I have a list fetish.  I make lists and tables with regard to almost every aspect of life.  But a list for outfitting a trip is certainly one of the most enjoyable to develop.  I looked here and I looked there for inspiration.  Indeed there were so many places that offered […]

Can I Go Too?

17 days to embarkation We love to cruise.  This cruise will be our fifth.  In previous episodes, I was the guy lugging a huge roller board, a smaller roller board, and a carry-on.  Here is what I think I may have possibly learned (maybe).  I take too much stuff. So I have decided to be […]

Aren't you a bit old for that?

As I see my life’s twilight twinkling on the not far distant horizon, I have decided to wobble to my feet and . . . throw on a backpack and hit the road. By the time we leave we will qualify for senior discounts.   Maybe I should be figuring out ways to make travel less […]