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2012 Labor Day on “Our” Island

View Album Joy and I had reserved a week at our rental property. Mom and Dad called a couple of days before we left and surprised us with their being able to join us for the week. As if that wasn’t sweet enough, my niece and her fiance were able to join us for the […]

Easter 2012

View Album As always, we enjoyed our Easter gathering at Aunt Susie’s. There was a lot of good food, including the jello salad Susie made from Grandmother’s recipe. But, of course, what we really look forward to is just having the family gathered together. Dr. Steel, Will, Alex, Cassandra, Sera, and Shelby were sorely missed. […]

2011 Thanksgiving

View Album Janet, thank you again for hosting us. Your home was beautifully decorated and your hospitality was appreciated by us all. It was wonderful to have so many gathered and we missed those who couldn’t join us. Click on the picture to see a slideshow or the caption to look at individual pictures. I […]

As a fine wine ages . . .

So does by my brother-in-law. View Album Thanks to his own hard work, the family had a beautiful venue in which to celebrate Paul’s birthday. He built a privacy fence around the backyard, landscaped, and added a spa. Sarah set the table outside. The setting reminded me of those old Ernest & Julio Gallo advertisements […]

2011 Family Easter

View Album It was wonderful to be with our family this Easter weekend. We still have a few youngsters willing to entertain us by searching for Easter eggs. But there just isn’t much better than seeing so many family members gathered together with love, laughter, and harmony. I wish that Will, Alex, and Paul, could […]

The Big 8-0

Click for Album Who would you most want to be like? When I am asked that question, the first human who pops into my head is my Dad. He has bathed his family in love from well before I was ever born. In addition, there are many graduates of WVU who refer to him affectionately […]

Christmas in Pittsburgh, 2010

Go to Album It was great to see Joy’s kids and Clayton up in d’burgh.  Enjoying great food, a gift exchange, and our two dogs playing with each other non-stop.  Hope you got to spend Christmas with the ones you love.

Morgantown Christmas, 2010

Joy and I had a wonderful time in Morgantown for Christmas this year.  Family, friends, and food – a recipe for a great holiday.   We appreciate Matt’s family taking Will in for Christmas out in Nevada, but we missed having him with us.  Alex came back from Davis, California not only in time for Christmas […]



Friday Fun

Click Here to See the Album It was a real treat to have lunch with both my Father and my Son. Note: The video may take a moment to load, but it will be worth it.