Castries, St. Lucia

3 Days to Embarkation

Joy and I had some discussion about the pronunciation of Lucia.   Click here to hear how Webster’s says it should sound.  How could both Joy and Websters be wrong?

I don’t know whether we’ll have a chance to see the Pitons, two volcanic plugs that stick nearly a mile up from the sea, or the world’s only drive-in volcano at Sulfur Springs. or the St. Lucia Botanical Gardens with a sulfur waterfall.  Did I mention that this is a volcanic island?  Will it be my east coast Hawaii?  I can’t wait to find out.


  • Will says:

    I couldn’t decide on how to pronounce it until I listened to the Websters as well. My first two thoughts were “Lu-Chi-ah” and then “Lu-key-ah” before I considered “Lu-shya”. Learn something new every day!! Some very beautiful places you’ve been visiting, I wish I could be there. 🙂

  • Chris says:

    C’mon! It is a drive in volcano, you don’t even have to circle for a parking space. Sounds ideal, though a sulfur waterfall just sounds like it’d be smelly… 🙂

  • Tom says:

    I wish you could be there, too. One of these days we’ll all be synchronized.

    Sadly, it all turned out to be too far to make with the short time we were in port. But considering how much fun we had, maybe it worked out for the best.

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