Can I Go 2

16 Days to Embarkation

Joy already has her things packed (of course)Tom's things laid out for packingI have a list fetish.  I make lists and tables with regard to almost every aspect of life.  But a list for outfitting a trip is certainly one of the most enjoyable to develop.  I looked here and I looked there for inspiration.  Indeed there were so many places that offered packing lists from retailers like REI to adventure outfitters like Mahina Travel to travel blogs like onebag.  They were all read with the keenest of interest.

In the end of course, I had to customize and tailor the lists until I had it just where I wanted it.  Check my list out by clicking here.

gorillapodSadly, I forgot to include on the list (but it is going) one of my recent acquisitions, a Gorillapod.  This isn’t the subject for one of my niece’s African field studies, it is a tiny flexible camera holder.  Bad news for our readers – now I can be in the pictures!  This little puppy is definitely along for the ride.

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