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Fiction Kitchen

[Show picture list] Joy and I met with my sisters and niece for dinner last night.  My niece is a vegan who cheerfully finds something to eat at carnivore restaurants.  But last night she had suggested that we meet at a vegan restaurant of which she had heard.  I liked that Fiction Kitchen focused on […]

Pullen Park Reopens

Closed in 2010 for renovations, historic Pullen Park in Raleigh, NC reopened today. Founded in 1887 this 68 acre park is one of many reasons Raleigh is considered one of the best cities in America to live. The City of Oaks is a city with an abundance of charming parks. But if you like a […]

Caswell Beach, NC

What’s better than a beach? A beach with friends. This weekend the Walshes graciously hosted us at their new beach house. Caswell Beach is located just below the mouth of the Cape Fear River between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach. I appreciated that the homes on Caswell Beach were behind the dunes and not sitting right […]

Hey Good Lookin'

“Hey good lookin’.  What you got cookin’?”  Yesterday, our church community group got together for an afternoon dedicated to one of my greatest interests – FOOD.  Chef Kyle came into the Deakles home and showed us how to prepare three entrées. In turn we showed him how to eat three entrées. It was an awesome […]

Boylan Heights and Lilly’s Pizza – Raleigh

We had some time before the storm blew in on Saturday. I had planned to go down to the Warehouse District and check out some of the shops. As I was reading about it, I learned that there was an historic neighborhood just west of there. After some Trulia,, and Zillow checking, I altered […]

Raleigh? Really. (2)

We did finally find the West condos. In preparation for auctioning off 36 units, the developer held an open house. We saw nearly all of them and loved most of the ones we saw. But, frankly, I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t an easy walk to downtown. The upside of that was that […]

Raleigh? Really? Really.

Joy and I have had the privilege of living in or at least visiting some very cool cities. Who wouldn’t be impressed by Chicago’s old stone bridges and the romance of dining riverside? and the skyline? Please. Awesome. While the streets of New York may not be quite as picturesque, one has to admit that […]

Segway Video

Download HD Same story as yesterday, but now you can see the train and the Segways move.

Nice Segway

Click for Album There was a special event going on at Wrightsville Beach this weekend.  I didn’t know about it until Joy called me at work to tell me that they’d mentioned it on NPR.  So, I changed away from my plan to go surfing. At 0-dark-thirty, Saturday we hopped in the old truck and […]

Life's a . . .

Sometimes one has to just take a break from that hectic WaveRunner riding and lake lounging. Today was one such day. We took the opportunity to run down to Wrightsville Beach. Folks in the Raleigh area flock to Wrightsville. We had checked it out when we first moved here, but the waves seemed too small […]