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Beautiful Weekend

As the weather cools, North Carolina becomes a wonderful place to be out on the water. This morning was no different. I took the boat to the far end of the lake. A friend told me there was a dead tree where an osprey was hanging out down there. I bopped on down. No osprey. […]

Happy Labor Day

We’ve got internet at the lake now. So, I’ve been able to enjoy working on my computer projects without ever going home. Other than one very quick run back to the house to pick up something I forgot, we’ve spent the holiday hanging out by and on the water. Saturday morning, I did my usual […]


Flowers-Aperture Lesson Enjoying playing with my camera’s settings.  The gardenia picture was composed to allow space on the left for icons on my desktop when I use it as a background.

Labor Day: History and Fun

On Sunday of the Labor Day weekend we attended the historic St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Louisburg, NC and then Joy, Sherry, and Carol put the WaveRunner through its paces on the lake. St. Paul’s was built in circa 1904 by the congregation organized in 1895.  It is a small but wonderfully designed sanctuary that […]

Despite the Rain

Click for Album Mary came down to the lake with Jimmy this weekend. Sadly, rain that wasn’t in the forecast was in the air. We badly need rain in this part of North Carolina, but it does limit one’s fun at the lake. Saturday we caught a showing of Salt at the theater in Wake […]

Too Much Fun

Click for Album Bobby, Lindsay and Clayton swung past on their way home from the beach and we enjoyed another day mostly on the water.  I say ‘mostly’ because we had a sudden thunderstorm chase us back to the dock from well down the lake.  I had turned on My Tracks before the rain started […]

Lake Royale Plays Misty for Me

My attempt to capture the excitement of “Enchanted April” in North Carolina instead of Italy.

Who Just Wants to Have Fun?

Click for Album Saturday was just the beginning of a great weekend. Yesterday, Ruth came out with a few of her friends to enjoy some tubing and a brief tour of the lake. It was fun to show some folks from Morgantown that even a little lake like Lake Royale can be fun. After all, […]

How Blessed Are We?

Click for Album The title of this post is an expression Joy often uses as we enjoy our lake, a scene from a cruise ship portal, or time with you, our family and friends.  The greatest blessing in our opinion is the shared blessing.  Last weekend we enjoyed having family down from Morgantown and this […]

A Happy Fourth

Click for Album Occasionally one gets to enjoy a very nearly perfect day.  Our Fourth of July was just such a day.  Sherry was already here.  (For a staff photographer, she does one heck of a cleaning job.)  Thanks for the help, sister.  Then mid-morning Mother, Dad, my two sisters, my brother-in-law, my niece and […]