Charlotte-Amalie, St. Thomas – Day 2

We truly love Royal Caribbean, so don’t take this the wrong way, but one of their shortcomings is that they provide so little information about the ports they visit. Their focus is entirely on selling their excursions and encouraging customers to shop at their associated stores. So caveat emptor. It is up to us to find the activities and places on each island we would like to visit.

That is how Joy and I ended up sitting in Jakobs’ taxi waiting till he was satisfied that he had sufficient passengers and ultimately wound our way to the far side of the mountain and a small cove called Coki Bay. Reputed to have the best snorkeling in the area, it did not disappoint. What a blast. The water was cooler than Hawaii but warmer than Bermuda. The weather was perfect.

Coki Bay would be a great place to bring a beginning snorkeler because all you have to do is wade out till you’re waist deep in water. Stick your mask into the water and “Voila!” you are seeing fish.

From there we rode a route taxi back to town in hopes of visiting the Caribbean Art Gallery in the Pissarro Building. It being Sunday it was closed. We shopped a bit and started walking back to the ship (about 1.5 miles from town).

Along the way we stopped at La Bamba for a sandwich, croissant, and margaritas. The path back lead us to a marked shortcut that wound through the marina and spit us out in a lovely little shopping area by the ship.

By this time we were far too tired to shop and we dragged our sorry behinds back aboard. Some time in the spa by the Atrium Pool, chilling on a chaise, and playing dominos with new friends and it was time for our formal dinner.

Hope you enjoy your day as much.

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