Old San Juan – Puerto Rico

9 Days to Embarkation

We’ll be leaving out of Puerto Rico.  The night before embarking we will be at the Hotel Milano in Old San Juan.  Hopefully, we can find an outdoor cafe to enjoy a drink and relax before the day of our cruise.  Frommer’s recommends La Bombonera.  I checked it out their reviews on Yelp! and I’m already salivating just thinking about it.

Saturday, we would like to see Fort San Felipe del Morro, an historic fort that looks like it is an easy walk from the hotel.  Pictures show it as being stone with expansive stone walkways.  Maybe we will have time to see Hotel Convento, the former home of the Ponce de Leon family, or the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, where Juan Ponce de Leon is entombed.  Paseo de la Princesa is supposed to be a picturesque walk and plaza.  I want to see that, too.

In Paris, we loved to walk along the broad sidewalk (or is it a skinny road?) along the Seine.  Similarly, one of my favorite things about Puerto Vallarta were the cobblestone roads climbing out of town toward the mountains.  Old San Juan appears to be similarly very photogenic and my finger is itching to snap some memories.

Depending on how much time we have left, we may visit nearby Condado Beach or visit Luquillo Beach, which Frommers claims is the best in the territory.

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