Labor Day: History and Fun


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On Sunday of the Labor Day weekend we attended the historic St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Louisburg, NC and then Joy, Sherry, and Carol put the WaveRunner through its paces on the lake.

St. Paul’s was built in circa 1904 by the congregation organized in 1895.  It is a small but wonderfully designed sanctuary that shows what can happen when we express our Image-of-God-ness through creativity.  It is a the traditional European cruciform footprint married with a distinctively Victorian turn of architectural detail.  The diminutive pipe organ in the choir section is a paradigm of perfect scaling to a space.  The woodwork is ornate without being over the top.  There really is little to criticize.  If I could throw in a baptistry or it had a stream through the grounds, it would perfectly suit my taste as a meeting place for worship.

The church was warm and welcoming and we enjoyed the donuts and fellowship after the wonderful homily given by a professor from Shaw University.  The reception was in the adjacent Parish House of the same vintage as the church building.

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