How Blessed Are We?

The title of this post is an expression Joy often uses as we enjoy our lake, a scene from a cruise ship portal, or time with you, our family and friends.  The greatest blessing in our opinion is the shared blessing.  Last weekend we enjoyed having family down from Morgantown and this weekend the Pittsburgh contingent came through, followed closely by our church community group.  Every moment shared with you guys makes that moment richer – and, yes, I do know how sappy that sounds – deal with it.

Saturday morning started with picking up the new WaveRunner, a Yamaha Cruiser VX.  Things have come an awful long way since the days of my old SeaDoo.  This ski is more comfortable, faster, and even more fun.  Lindsay and Clayton and Bobby and Kristin broke it in for us before our friends from church came and took their turns.  It was hilarious watching people ride and tube.  When the church gang went for a tour of the lake in our pontoon boat we stopped for a swim and happened on an Osprey.  They were common when we were doing coastal cruising, but have become a rare treat on this little inland lake.

Hope your weekend was not just a good one, but a shared one.  “How blessed are we?”   Very, very.


  • ris says:

    Looks like good times were enjoyed by all 🙂 The new waverunner is aaaawesome! There will be endless fun with this new toy. Those osprey pictures are great. Next time we’re bringing our binos. Who knows what we’ll see? Loved seeing you all and playing on the tubes! My mouth might still be stuck in a ridiculous smile from being dragged through the water. See you soon!

  • Tom says:

    I should have some pictures up soon. We had fun, too.

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