Despite the Rain

Mary came down to the lake with Jimmy this weekend. Sadly, rain that wasn’t in the forecast was in the air. We badly need rain in this part of North Carolina, but it does limit one’s fun at the lake. Saturday we caught a showing of Salt at the theater in Wake Forest. Sunday turned out to be a much nicer day. We spent most of the day just hanging out on the pontoon boat and watching Mary’s dogs entertain us as they played in the water. As you can see in one of the album pictures, Faith is getting tempted to become a swimmer, but she never quite wanted the ball badly enough. Mary and Jimmy helped us rack up some more of the break in hours on the WaveRunner so I expect next weekend will be the last before the 10 hour service. Mary’s foot is still pretty sore from her volleyball injury, so the rest of us could almost keep up with her. (-: We had lots of fun and look forward to Mary and Jimmy coming back.

I’m also putting up a video of this crazy fish that actually swam up on a rock eating and was so busy feeding that Jimmy was actually able to scoop it out of the water with his hand. I wish I would have caught that on film!

Note: Clicking on the picture will start a slideshow in most browsers. If you are using Google Chrome, you will need to click on the caption of the picture and select “View Slideshow (Fullscreen)” at the top of the album page.

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