Labor Day: History and Fun

On Sunday of the Labor Day weekend we attended the historic St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Louisburg, NC and then Joy, Sherry, and Carol put the WaveRunner through its paces on the lake. St. Paul’s was built in circa 1904 by the congregation organized in 1895.  It is a small but wonderfully designed sanctuary that […]

Too Much Fun

Click for Album Bobby, Lindsay and Clayton swung past on their way home from the beach and we enjoyed another day mostly on the water.  I say ‘mostly’ because we had a sudden thunderstorm chase us back to the dock from well down the lake.  I had turned on My Tracks before the rain started […]

Madison’s Happy Face

It was quite nice having Mary down for the weekend.  She caught this picture of her Rottweiler enjoying the lake in her own inimitable fashion.  This is exactly how I feel when I play in the water, too!

Independence day

Click for Album The VandenBosches had their usual big Fourth of July bash.  I’m sure it was a hit as always.  I’m also certain that the Pittsburgh fireworks were again the best in the nation this year.  I would love to have been at my uncle’s dad’s 100th Birthday with most of my family.  But […]

The Last Weekend of Spring

Get the Flash Player to see this player. Spring left North Carolina sizzling. It was hot and steamy at Lake Royale this weekend. Sherry dropped in for the weekend with some great food, including a yummy pasta sauce with shredded pork in place of meat balls. Joy displayed flags and bunting for Flag Day yesterday. […]


Click for Album It took a couple of weeks, but Old Blue Pontoon has been replaced.  Thursday night we stayed with Sherry in Richmond so that we could beat the morning rush over the Wilson Bridge in Alexandria (thanks for the tip, Mary).  There is a nice little Italian place there called Vinny’s (not part […]