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Bobby, Lindsay and Clayton swung past on their way home from the beach and we enjoyed another day mostly on the water.  I say ‘mostly’ because we had a sudden thunderstorm chase us back to the dock from well down the lake.  I had turned on My Tracks before the rain started so it logged the race for the pier.  In fact you’ll see that it logged a change in elevation because it was still on as we ran from the boat to shelter! My Tracks is an Android Phone app that logs your path and a bunch of other statistics.  It is usually used by joggers, bikers, and hikers.  When I got home I used the app to upload to Google Maps and as a spreadsheet in Google Docs. I thought both the family jocks and geeks would enjoy seeing this. (Don’t miss scrolling to the bottom for a quick video.)

Sunday, Joy and I concentrated on cleaning, maintaining, and repairing.  We replaced several loose dock cleats and even one of the decking boards on the dock that was too far gone to hold a cleat.  We also installed a removable ladder at the end of the dock for those adventurous enough to brave the dreaded band of muck.  Somehow the wake action of passing boats collects all the leaves and such in a band about 9 meters wide starting about 3 or 4 meters off the shoreline.  The practical issue here is that unless you swim to the sandy shore you will be standing in muck to get on the ladder at the end of the dock.  One would think that this would mean no one would ever jump off of the end of the dock, but actually it happens quite often.  Plus the ladder might be useful for people getting on and off of the tube when their turn is over.  So, we’re all spruced up and ready for your visit.  Hope we see you (again) soon.

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Total Distance 4.54
Total Time 00:30:50
Moving Time 00:18:18
Number of Tracks 2
Average Speed 8.83
Average Moving Speed 14.89
Elevation Gain 72
Min Elevation 73
Max Elevation 88


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