Beautiful Weekend

As the weather cools, North Carolina becomes a wonderful place to be out on the water. This morning was no different. I took the boat to the far end of the lake. A friend told me there was a dead tree where an osprey was hanging out down there. I bopped on down. No osprey. I started shooting pictures and zigging and zagging my way back. Nearly back to the dock, an osprey flies overhead. I pull out my camera, hit zoom, and see the low battery warning just before the LCD goes black. Looks like the hunt will continue.

Later in the morning, Joy and Moku went with us on the boat. After his back surgery he isn’t allowed to jump. After I tied off the stern line I opened the gate to pick Moku up and put him on the dock. He wasn’t having it and squirted past me only to fall in the water between the boat and the dock. He had to swim under the dock and over to the “beach” on the other side to get out. He is fine, but Joy and I are both recovering from heart attacks.

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