Independence day

The VandenBosches had their usual big Fourth of July bash.  I’m sure it was a hit as always.  I’m also certain that the Pittsburgh fireworks were again the best in the nation this year.  I would love to have been at my uncle’s dad’s 100th Birthday with most of my family.  But this was our first year at our new place on the lake, so we went out on our pontoon boat with a few friends (and Sherry for our own Friends and Family Plan).  The fireworks over the lake were pleasant but not spectacular.  About what one would expect for a little community like ours.  What really made it special was Brady and Ashlyn (8 and 7 respectively) making comments like, “Isn’t this wonderful?”  “What could be more wonderful than this?”  “Maybe riding in a hot air balloon.”  “I don’t like to be too high.”  “Maybe five thousand ice cream cones.”  May we all keep our sense of wonder.  I found it easier to do by sharing the experience with children.  Happy Independence Day.  (Thanks again to Sherry for providing the pictures.)

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