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Family Thanksgiving Phot

Thanksgiving was, as usual, a time of overeating.  It started on Thursday.  Not the offical family celebration day, but we had to eat, right?  Joy prepared a turducken (turkey-duck-chicken).  We loved it, but next year maybe we’ll skip the duck part.  Definitely, a yummy meal.  Friday we left the Morgantown crowd and headed north to Cranberry Township in PA.  Joy roasted a Trader Joe’s turkey at the Hellman’s.  Good, but she says it wasn’t worth the extra cost so I think I see a Butterball turkey flying my way next year.

Saturday.  Oh, how I loved Saturday.  One of the few places on earth that I truly love that doesn’t have palm trees is “the Strip” in Pittsburgh.  I have a poster of it on the wall in the exercise room.   But never, ever in my whole life had I eaten at Deluca’s.  C’mon it can’t be worth waiting in that long line in the cold can it?  But Mary was held up and we (as in Joy and Lindsay) decided that the frigid Deluca’s line was as good a place to wait as any.  Bless them.  Buy a hat and gloves.  They sell’em in the sidewalk stands.  But if you don’t have them you’ll want them.  Because this line is worth standing in the cold.  Nothing fancy.  No trick plays.  This is just awesomely great food straight up.  Skip the razzle-dazzle and go straight for the buds baby.  I expect to be in that line again.

But the food wasn’t the best part.  My son, who I haven’t seen in aeons, surprised us arriving from Vegas just as we reached the front of the line.  Now, that’s a meal to remember.

Then back to Morgantown.  My son hadn’t seen my brother’s exotic car dealership.  Since he is a car nut we had to go check out Wayne’s new store.  Will even managed to drive a Ferrari before dinner!

We ate at my sister Janet’s beautiful arts and crafts home.  She’s mixed in a little Herman Miller but the built-ins and character of the bones just make this home a jewel.  I love my house, but I’d trade in a heart beat.

Unfortunately, due to some family health issues Susie and Dick, Dan and Diane couldn’t join us.  Alex wouldn’t bother to come back from California and Ruth must of felt like that entitled her to stay in Tanzania so they blew off stopping over for dinner.  (Both will be back for Christmas – yeah!).

We enjoyed the great food and fellowship we have come to expect.  I just hope we can all be together at Christmas.  Thanks to everyone who made our holiday special.  Our prayers are with those of you who couldn’t come.  You were missed and loved.

Cranberry Thanksgiving
Mid-Atlantic Sports Cars
Morgantown Thanksgiving


  • Will says:

    That was an amazing Thanksgiving, and I truly had a great amount to be thankful for. It was a blessing to be able to see you and everyone else for the holiday gathering. 🙂

  • pat says:

    pictures much appreciated. it was as if we could relive the good times over and over! just another example of the great tech support we get from our wonderful lovely family geeks.

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