Father's Day 2010

I was blessed to have the opportunity to see my Dad on Father’s Day. I tried to make him waffles but they stuck to the waffle iron in a heretofore unprecedented manner. Ugly, but still tasty. It was great to have the chance to go to the Strip in Pittsburgh with my “girls”, too. Capping it off I got a call from my son in Nevada while I was driving home yesterday. Another great family weekend.

Before dinner, Saturday, Joy and I toured Matt’s new and first home in historic South Park.  It is a beautiful 1920’s Arts and Crafts brick home in what is probably my favorite part of Morgantown.  I hope to have more on that in a later post.  Saturday night my brother’s family celebrated Dad with us at “Dad’s” restaurant, Rio Grande.  Sunday morning I got to see my California nephew, Alex, and my sister and her husband, who had just returned from their vacation in Maine.  If you weren’t with your Dad yesterday, I hope you were blessed with happy thoughts and sweet memories.  Aren’t Dads great?


  • ris3 says:

    Wish I had been there to share with you all. Your photo with Paps and you is fantastic! Can you please e-mail me the full-size version? Love it! Unfortunately, I didn’t see my dad but did speak with him. Dads are surely great! Glad to hear you all had such a great time. Sounds very full time wise and emotionally. 🙂 Xoxo

  • Tom says:

    Of course the picture is good – your Mom took it! (with my new phone which also makes it fun for me)

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