Home Again – and again and again

Retirement may be a decade out, but I’ve been planning for it since I was in college.  Lately, our discussions had been rotating between a summer home in Pittsburgh and a primary residence in southern California, North Carolina, Virginia, or (a remote possibility) Florida.  But as long as our family is centered on the east coast, Pittsburgh will continue to be part of the formula.

So, house, condo, or houseboat?  A house is high maintenance and it has never been easy to find good yard or maintenance help – and we are talking about retirement not shifting careers to home upkeep.  Condo?  monthly fees are high, but it is a possibility.  Houseboat?  water view? Check. maintenance? Unless Steve is no longer on the scene, check.  Friendly neighbors who keep an eye on things when we’re not home?  Check.

Where one puts one’s houseboat is critical.  For us, the answer is easy – Washington’s Landing in Pittsburgh.  But end ties for big boats with a view of the city skyline are few and rarely available.  So, when I stopped in this weekend to chat with my buddies at the marina and found out they had an end tie open with a view of the city, I called Joy.  Fifteen minutes later, the Admiral arrived for inspection (thanks for bringing her and coming yourself, Lindsay).  After I got done inspecting her (always a pleasure) and we enjoyed a nice lunch at the marina-side restaurant (The Redfin Blues), we then inspected the location of our future home. (Click here for a professional restaurant review.) Like me, Joy gave it a thumbs up. So, as soon as Dave got back to the marina office we committed to take the slip.

Next summer, we will once again have a place in the ‘burgh.  (I actually feel my eyes welling up just typing that.)  My sister-in-law will have a place to say when she visits her kids.  Our kids will have a place to play in the water.  We’ll have a place for long week-ends.

We already have a place in North Carolina that we love and enjoy sharing.  But if you don’t like hanging out on a lazy rural lake, come see us when we’re in the ‘burgh.

Is my decade up, yet?


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