The Big 8-0

Who would you most want to be like? When I am asked that question, the first human who pops into my head is my Dad. He has bathed his family in love from well before I was ever born. In addition, there are many graduates of WVU who refer to him affectionately as “Dad”. I have yet to attend an engineering conference where someone didn’t reminisce fondly about their days as his student.

Several of us submitted photos of good times we have enjoyed with Dad which were compiled into a video which we watched together after dinner. It was fun as family members would call out where it was that a particular picture was taken.

He would love to have had Ruth, Will, Alex, Dick, and R.P. (who scanned in several of Susie’s pictures) there (all of whom were there in spirit), but sadly they couldn’t make it for the party. We missed each of you. But we did have his wife Pat; his sister Susie; his children Janet, myself, Sarah, and Wayne; as well as Joy; Paul; Kim and Cassandra; Matt and Sera; Mary and Jimmy; Dan, Diane, Tyler, and Shelby. As always, Janet threw a great party and we all had a great time. Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Dad.

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