Morgantown Christmas, 2010

Joy and I had a wonderful time in Morgantown for Christmas this year.  Family, friends, and food – a recipe for a great holiday.   We appreciate Matt’s family taking Will in for Christmas out in Nevada, but we missed having him with us.  Alex came back from Davis, California not only in time for Christmas but for our Christmas Eve bowling tradition.  Even though I bowl every year on Christmas Eve, I never seem to get any better at it.  Funny, huh?  I suspect my brother-in-law of actually playing more than once a year.  Paul bowled a 221 which was the highest score in the alley that day.

Mom seemed thrilled with her new iPad.  Dad got a new TV for his man-cave.  But, like them, I think we were all most grateful just for the time together to share love, food, and a lot of laughing.

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