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Sometimes one has to just take a break from that hectic WaveRunner riding and lake lounging. Today was one such day. We took the opportunity to run down to Wrightsville Beach. Folks in the Raleigh area flock to Wrightsville. We had checked it out when we first moved here, but the waves seemed too small to surf and we moved on to a boat at Washington’s Landing. But Joy got into some poison oak weeding near the ditch at the lake and we thought it might be a good chance to check out Mom’s old addage about how the ocean heals all our boo-boos. We packed up our stuff and went to the beach. I was surprised at how nice the surf was at this broad sandy beach with a shallow slope. We splashed around and I enjoyed a bit of body surfing. The waves were big enough that I will bring my board on the next trip. I need to find my wax and pads for hauling my board. We stopped at the Fish House Grill and lunched within view of the Inter-Coastal Waterway. Neither of us ever tire of the simple pleasure of watching boats putt by. Seriously, we are so blessed. It was just great fun.

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