At the Steels

Sarah and Paul, thanks for having us over for a fun dinner. Here are some of the pictures Ruth and I took.

Joy and I had a fun weekend. Thursday night we drove to Morgantown.   Friday Joy saw her kids in Pittsburgh and I toured Matt’s new house.   My brothers car wash is running now and his new convenience store looks about ready to open next week.   Jean and Harvey joined the group at Rio Grande. (It was kind of freaky some of the overlapping history Harvey and I shared.)   Saturday we had this great time at the Steels. Sunday we had breakfast with Mary in Alexandria.   She is doing and looking well.   We then went to Hades, I mean Colonial Beach, where my crazy friends were working on their sailboat in extraordinary heat.   I envy them their project, the potential of their boat is off the charts, but can’t imagine the commitment that had them working on such a scorching day.   Overall, our whirlwind tour was made great by seeing so many of the people we love.

(As usual click on the picture for a slide show or the caption for the album.)

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