Education – Empowering the Poor

Can Meena Build An Indian Google? is a great article posted on TechCrunch.  Roshni helps young girls from the slums in India realize their dreams of an education in technology despite obstacles most of us cannot even imagine if we wanted to.  Some of you may remember that in my book I spoke about how the Old Testament Jubilee not only set slaves free but returned land to the original equal distribution across the tribes of Israel.  That was because in an agrarian culture land was the source of both monetary wealth and social standing.  Today education is the great equalizer and there continues to be injustice worldwide in access to the hallowed halls of academia.   I intend to learn more about the Roshni Academy, but I salute their service in the Judea-Christian principle of balancing rewards and opportunity.  Go to TechCrunch for the full story.  It will inspire you.

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