Pontoon Boat Skiing

We enjoyed another beautiful weekend on the lake. Rather than putting the ski boat in the water, I decided to try skiing behind the pontoon boat. As you can see, the only positive result from my first few attempts was the production of laughter from the crew. But we did eventually succeed. The wake was soft and low. It was quite pleasant to ski behind. There was not enough hole shot to try getting up on one ski. When I tried to kick off my ski on the first run, I caught a tip and twisted my back, so I just stuck with two skis. Joy did a great job of driving and our event photographer, Sherry caught all the action. Moku took his customary at-speed position as our hood ornament. Sherry caught a great picture of him luxuriating in the wind through his fur. Joy and Sherry recuperated from all their laughing by floating off the dock and chilling out for a bit. The only way this could be more fun would be for more of you to be there!


  • pat says:

    I can’t tell what that is hanging on the tow rope but it looks to be in big trouble. I hope you didn’y lose your swim suit like Ronnie did. Glad you guys are enjoying your new boat..Looks like fun..

  • Tom says:

    Yes, Dad, I’m still walking funny (-:

  • Tom says:

    We’ve used the pontoon boat a couple of times since then and have found it to be great for combo skiing. I think I’m starting to get used to skiing again. I don’t think I’ll try slalom behind the pontoon boat, though.

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