Orient Beach, St. Martin – Day 3

A  bit more leisurely start to the day.  We rose late.  Ate at the Windjammer.  I had my usual everything-but-cheese omelet and a pile of pineapple and Joy enjoyed assorted selections from the bountiful buffet.  We took a sedate (relative to St. Thomas or Bermuda) taxi ride to Orient Beach on the French side.  Driving in St. Martin was relatively civilized compared to many ports we  have visited in the past.  By nine o‘clock we had picked our chairs and umbrella at Bikini Beach.

We watched people of various ages and builds wearing varying levels of dress and undress parade by or lounging.  In general, the ages were older than ours.  However, there were a handful of very fit young people.  The far end of the 1.5 mile white sand beach offers a nudist resort.  Some of them were not totally successful in dressing before reaching our stretch of beach.

The water was that clear azure that makes it obvious one is no longer in North Carolina.  It was one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.  The waves roll in to the sandy bottomed shore offering unending opportunities to body surf.  Every time an opportunity like this comes along, I think of  and thank my Mom for teaching me how to ride waves.  While I rested from playing in the water, Joy went off to explore and returned with a baguette fresh from the oven.  Au bon pain, indeed.  This capped off a perfect morning.

We hitched a ride with a small tour group and wound our way back to the ship.  Now, we are enjoying wine on our private balcony.  Hopefully, we’ll have more to tell tomorrow.

Of all the Caribbean islands we have visited this is the one I think would be most enjoyed by you, our friends and family.


  • pstrlong says:

    these beaches look like the kind that mom and I like. slopeing gradually out to sea…that is assuming the water temperature is warm enough… dad

  • Tom says:

    Warm enough is a relative thing. Warm enough for me at about 80 F, but probably not warm enough for Wayne. It feels quite cool when you first wade in, but comfortable after that. It is just cool enough to be refreshing after baking in the sun for a bit.

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