Runaway Beach, Antigua – Day 4

Antigua has a lovely port. Quite a change from all the construction at St. Maarten. We were among the first off the ship and it took some effort to get the attention of the girls working the cab stand. For $12 each way we got a ride to Runaway Beach. As it turns out we were the first tourists on the scene.

Joy and I had a lovely walk along the beach. Joy combed the beach for shells and bits of coral. We both took several pictures. Eventually, we found a hundred yards of sand or so to ourselves and parked for a bit. The water was as calm as a lake, so I swam a little and floated on my back a lot. Thanks, Mom, for teaching me that one, too.

Heavy dark clouds kept drifting over us. Combined with a steady breeze, this resulted in a sudden cool down. We decided to catch a ride back to the ship and shop.

The shopping had been transformed from deserted to hordes of people. Vendors hawked their wares in the hunt-you-down in-your-face style of Mexican ports. After a few minutes, it started to rain so we headed back to the ship for lunch in the Windjammer and reading by the Solarium pool.

Tomorrow, St. Lucia.

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