Fiction Kitchen

Joy and I met with my sisters and niece for dinner last night.  My niece is a vegan who cheerfully finds something to eat at carnivore restaurants.  But last night she had suggested that we meet at a vegan restaurant of which she had heard.  I liked that Fiction Kitchen focused on locally grown produce.  I’m very big on the farm to table concept.

Fiction Kitchen surprised with the beauty of the food presentation and the artistry of the menu.  I can’t imagine any omnivore being disappointed by the presentation, aroma, or flavor of these dishes – and as a group we tried just about everything on the menu.  We even sampled all three desserts.

There was a free concert going on across the street and it was Raleigh’s First Friday with open tours of galleries and free wine, beer, and finger food.  Parking was a little scarce but the street scene was hopping.  With the police out directing traffic on many intersections one had a great sense of safety, too.  Joy and I had a lot of fun just walking around enjoying Raleigh after we said good-bye to the rest of the family.

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