First the Good News

Yes, the sun finally came out. After months, the boat started. Beautiful day on sparkling water. Lost in wonder I just motored down to the far end of the lake. Naturally, that is where the engine died. Apparently, the battery isn’t holding a charge or something. But even being towed back wasn’t enough to dampen the joy in just being on the water and in the sun.


  • Tom says:

    Well, we went out again on Sunday and everything worked well. I’m guessing that the battery connections had vibrated loose. The volts on the battery read 12.55 before we went out. And after more than an hour the volts on the battery still read 12.55 using the hand held volt meter. Underway the onboard volt meter read 13 to 14 V so I think the alternator is working. The nuts on the leads were loose when I took the battery out to charge it over night so I’m hoping that that was the source of Saturday’s problems.

  • Will says:

    Nice, wakeboarder!!! My poor wakeboard has just sat in storage lately. 🙁

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