Old Blue may be history, but . . .

2008 Tracker Party Barge 200 Baltimore Bass Pro Outdoor World

not before showing us that a pontoon boat was really fun for everyone from the those toddling because they were learning to walk to those toddling because they needed help from their cane.  Our new boat preserves the bow platform of Old Blue, but we got bigger pontoons, a canvas bimini, and a 4 stroke engine.

The bigger pontoons should keep us more stable in rough weekend chop (per my brother’s advice).  The canvas bimini will be less top-heavy than our metal roof.  The 4-stroke should be quieter.  I have enough trouble hearing conversations in the living room.  The bottom line was that we wanted a boat that was safe and fun for all ages and easy for us to handle and use.  We got the 60 hp Mercury Big Foot.   We’re hoping to take some tykes tubing with their family able to ride along.  Without further ado, here are some pics of the new family member.


  • M & M says:

    Wow….This looks really, really cool and is even more of an incentive for us to visit. However, at the rate you are upgrading maybe we should just wait for the next one which will probably be a 100 footer? We can tell you are looking forward to a summer of fun on the water. Miss you guys!!!

  • Tom says:

    Thanks. If you two came to visit that alone would make the boat completely worth it.

  • ris says:

    LOVE the update!! Looking forward to me and Jack coming out for a spin when we return 🙂 The pictures are great! Looks so clean and new… is it new?? or did someone just love it a lot, like you guys will? xxxx! Ruth

  • Tom says:

    It is new, but a 2008 leftover. They’re supposed to rig it this week and hopefully we’ll have it in the water by the weekend. May be a little sedate for you and Jack, but we would be excited to have you. We still have our ski boat, too, for those seeking a little more excitement. Can’t wait till you’re back from Tanzania.

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