Family Easter

It was wonderful to see my family over the Easter holiday. There was quite a nice turn out, but my sister, son, and niece were absent and missed. Tony Campolo has spoken about the importance of ritual in holding social groups together. The ritual of holiday gatherings certainly works that way for me. It is so great to spend time together and come away with a sense that our bonds have been celebrated and strengthened.

Joy and I had a great time. Thanks, Susie, for a great meal. Robbie, thanks for the coffee. Mary, the cake was yummy (gained 4 pounds). Can’t wait for our next get together.

Click on the picture on the left to see a slideshow of our gathering. Click on the caption to see the photo album.

Matt Enjoys His Card

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Matt Blows Out His Candles

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Matt Helps Mary Smile

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  • ris says:

    love the pictures! how great that you put a holiday review on the website 🙂 thanks for including me even though i couldn’t physically be present 🙂 thought of you guys and missed everyone tons! Like you, I really value all of our family gatherings and the time we get to spend together, so I was quite sad to miss out!

  • ris says:

    WOW I love the group shot near/ at the end! That’s one of the best group shots we’ve had in a long time! In fact, we’ve been really bad about getting family photos over the past few years. Cheers to picking up that tradition again!

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