Serenade of the Seas

Magic carpet ride, indeed.  Fall asleep in one awesome port and wake up in another.  All your food appears on your table, beautifully presented, and flavorful.  Done eating?  Your dirty dishes fly away.  Bored?  Who cued the band that just started playing?  Too much fun?  Drop in the spa and let their treatments whisk away your aches and pains just like the dirty dishes disappeared from the linen table cloth.

We so enjoy Royal Caribbean.  They take awful good care of their passengers.  In an earlier post, I complained that they didn’t educate their passengers enough about the attractions of each port.  I accused them of only talking about those shops that were affiliated with them and therefore from whom they could profit.  On my last night, we’re packing and I find big books on the coffee table full of pictures and information about each of our ports as well as other ports-of-call we might visit on future cruises.  I was wrong.

Really, I think their biggest faux pas was when our room attendant took away Joy’s special facial soap.  I can’t wait to cruise with Royal Caribbean again.

Check out our picture album to see the cool window by which we enjoyed our evening meals, the balcony on which we greeted each port, and the spectacular centrum as viewed downward from a portal in the roof.  You may not want to check the pictures out on an empty stomach, however.

The first video shows the great Casablanca Band.  I loved their music.  (Don’t judge them by my camera’s poor microphone.) The second video is for my daughter.  The same Nittany Lions whose chaperone sang karaoke the night before went on to win the water volleyball tournament.

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