Day at Sea – Day 7

Some of you may think of me as rigid. Let me say that we have quickly adapted to sleeping until adventure bids us rise; having an omelet, pastries, and fruit waiting for us at breakfast; having our room cleaned and bed made then turned down for the evening, two people to serve our dinner, which was of course prepared by a master chef and staff; all capped by a seaweed wrap and full body massage on our last full day.

Before dinner, the night after St. Martin, there was a reception for the Crown & Anchor Society. Free champagne (and supposedly hors d’oeuvres but we must not have been seated where they were being served) as they promote future cruises. They honored a woman who had been on 34 cruises. The entertainment was a Canadian group of Serbians called Casablanca Band. Every musician was a virtuoso and the singer was Elvis only better than Elvis.

The night after Antigua, we went to the Centrum for cocktails and listened to Casablanca play a couple of sets. There were more people on the dance floor having more fun than we had seen even on our previous cruises. The music was so good and the romance between the dancers so beautiful it just made me feel so happy my eyes welled up.

The night after Barbados, Joy and I listened to Casablanca in the Safari Club. It is an awesome night club in the manner in which I imagine an English gentleman’s club to be decorated, kind of a hangout for tasteful big game hunters. Before their last set, Joy decided to head back to our cabin. Since I had collapsed into a comatose state after my Barbados outing, I was still fresh. After their second set, I was the second performer, providing a remarkable rendition of Garth Brooks “Two Pina Coladas.” In an hour and a half, there were mostly average singers, two drunks, and two men who could consider going pro. The average to bad singers were still for the most part fun performers with humorous little acts that kept me smiling through flat notes.

But Royal Caribbean does not confine its entertainment to the pros. Robert Thomas, our room attendant, provided towel art, and, Red, our waiter, did some tricks with toothpicks, silverware, and a glass.

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  • ris says:

    The video slide show is great! I was hoping that there would be a little video clip of some of the music and dancing. Maybe another night? I’m glad you got your chance up on stage – what a memorable moment! Cool 🙂 Is there a video of you up there? I’m interested in more photos. My music (singing/playing) skills are poor.. to the point where even singing along with someone else is pretty terrible. Once I sung “Under Pressure” on karaoke… and I felt bad for the other bar folk.

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