Coki Beach, St. Thomas – Some Pretty Fine Snorkeling

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We didn’t spend much time in Charlotte-Amelie, where the Serenade of the Seas docked. Instead, we immediately took a cab to Coki Beach on the other side of the island. By clicking on the picture (or here), you can see the high resolution full slide show of the pictures we took on this beautiful island.

Coki Beach is not as long as some of the beaches we would later visit on other islands, but it was beautiful and very rich in marine life. Because of the little aquarium (Coral World Ocean Park) just down the road, the fish were used to being hand fed, and were quite tame. Hawaii no longer allows hand feeding fish for ecological reasons (learn more here). If one pays close attention, one will see in the video below, that when dog biscuits are unavailable the fish did go right back to pecking their food off of the coral.

Although we didn’t try it this time, we would be very interested, on a return visit, in learning to scuba dive. The dive shop is operated by a woman from West Virginia. The divers we met renting their equipment from her were from Australia, if I remember correctly. A Discover Scuba lesson is $70 and available to cruise ship passengers directly from the Coki Beach Dive Club. Their website offers plenty of information for those interested.

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