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Cartagena: Slideshow and Video

Click for Album Our second port was Cartagena. Click on the picture above for a slideshow, the caption for the album, or the picture below for a video. PLAY Apple iTunes MP4 OR OPEN FORMAT VIDEO

Aruba: Slideshow and Video

Click for Album Well, I promised to post slideshows and videos and it begins here. It just isn’t practical to upload big files while on the cruise. It takes quite a long time. When on Royal Caribbean the rate for Wi-Fi is $0.55 per minute or $0.47 if you buy a bundle in advance. The […]

Day 12: Highlights of Miami Tour

The cruise is over (picture me frowning with a clown tear on my cheek).  But the vacation continued.  We disembarked early to board a tour bus.  We were driven up Biscayne Boulevard a part of Route 1 then over to our first stop at Miami Beach.  The portion of beach at which we disembarked is […]

The Star of our Cruise

Who was the star of the cruise?  Maybe Sabrina the female soloist or Ryan the male soloist?  Dazzling performers, both of them.  Perhaps it was Tamara or one of the other Royal Caribbean Singers and Dancers?  It might be Louie, the man who made me awesome omelets every morning.  No, the answer must be the […]

Port Five: Grand cayman, cayman islands

Grand Cayman is awesome.  Their little shopping area is safe and free of beggars or aggressive, in-your-face vendors.  The town lacks the architectural and city planning charm of some of the islands we have visited but once one leaves town one sees all that is missing in town. This has been our cruise to experiment […]

Port Four: Puerto Limon Costa Rica

    There had been rain this morning and many of the sidewalks were flooded.  It was just as well that it rained when it did.  We couldn’t dock the ship anyway.  The longshoremen went on strike with the ship ahead of us tied only at the stern.  The dock authorities had everything ironed out one […]

Third Port: Colon Panama

I was weighing the pros and cons of different cameras for our monkey excursion right up until we left.  I finally decided that the zoom on the Sony was worth it and took it along.  We rode in an air-conditioned bus to the Gamboa Nature Preserve where we were transferred to a little a runabout […]

Second Port: Cartagena Columbia

Today we are in Cartagena.  We opted for the “Panoramic Cartagena by Horse Drawn Carriage” tour.  Our bus driver Lee was a very pleasant and informative guide.  The bus air conditioning worked much better than on the bus we had in Aruba.  Cartagena is a major city with over 9 million people so the feel […]

First Port: Aruba

Just because your tour meets on shore at 7:45 doesn’t mean you have to pass up Louie’s omelets and a bowl of pineapple.  But it does mean that one’s day begins early.  Joy and I were in the offshore waiting room early.  Plastic chairs gave us a place to perch while we waited for our […]

Port of Miami

Get the Flash Player to watch this video. MP4 I didn’t need my alarm this morning. About 2:30 I realized that I had forgotten to enter my time at work to cover my vacation period. I woke up and got on the computer using my thumbdrive encryption key to access my government account. Of course […]